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Nov 7, 2012 10:00am PST
your diplomas. laura margaret everett. ( cheering ) thomas isaac brown. music school? mm-hmm. are you going to be a music teacher? maybe... or a performer, or a songwriter, or all three. your mother always wanted to be a singer. principal: kevin patrick casey. ( cheering and applause ) yes. no more film. aw... aw... dad: kevin! kevin, over here. oh, that's my dad. i've got to go, i'll see you later. thank you. congratulations. rebecca: congratulations! thanks. rebecca: all right, stand over there. i want to get a picture. you too, aunt molly. all right, look this way. say "cheese!" cheese! kevin, i'm proud to see that diploma in your hand. we all are. congratulations, kevin. thanks. dad, stand next to kevin. i want to get a picture of just the two of you. ready? i'm proud of you, too, becky. me? why? don't be so modest. when your mother died, you... you stepped right in. you... you became the mother. you took good care of kevin and your dad. well, there was no one else. "we are sorry to inform you..." oh, no. i can't believe it. god... another rejection letter. three rejections. i can
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1